Article Submission

Full article is accepted through the following portal:

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Article Format

  Articles submitted must comply with the format and typesetting of Springer Conference Proceeding. 

The template and guidelines can be downloaded below:

Springer Guideline

Word Template

Latex Template


Obtaining Third-party permissions

If excerpts from copyrighted works (including websites) such as illustrations, tables, animations, or text quotations are included in your manuscript, please obtain permission from the copyright holder (usually the original publisher) for both the print and online format. 

Click HERE to read more on the guide to Third-party permissions
Please use this form to obtain Third-party permissions: Third-Party Permission Form
Contributor's Agreement
Each corresponding author should print the form, enter the title of the paper as well as the names of the authors at the top of the form, sign it and submit a scanned version of the Contributor Agreement along with the final manuscript.


SCIEMATHIC 2021 organizing committee has the right to decline publication for article that do not comply with the format requested.


Please be informed that selected articles from SCIEMATHIC2021 will be published in either  the following:

  • Springer Proceedings in Physics (Published by Springer Nature, Indexed by Scopus)
  • Recent Advances in Chemistry & Biological Science Research (Published by Springer Nature, Indexed by CPCI (Conference Proceedings Citation Index))
  • Malaysian Journal of Science (Indexed by Scopus)

Selected articles, journal selection will be determined through the editorial process. 

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