SCIEMATHIC 2020 will be held through virtual conference in 1-2 December 2020


Empower Technology Through The Eyes of Science and Mathematics

From the smallest of atoms to the largest of real numbers, science and mathematics are sorely needed in solving many of the major contemporary issues: energy, climate change, poverty, big data, food and water. The combination of scientists’ ideas and mathematicians’ logics is highly desired as nations work at addressing and resolving these issues. Nevertheless, as changes occur and development takes place, the responsibility of sustaining it does not only lie in the hands of scientists and mathematicians. Society at large, irrespective of their backgrounds, play the most crucial roles in ensuring that the world we live in would continue to flourish. Hence, it is imperative for us to disseminate facts and not fictions to the public. They should be enlightened on the development as well as the sustainability strategies for the betterment of us and future generations. SCIEMATHIC 2020 is organized with such aim in mind. Join us as we seek to EMPOWER TECHNOLOGY THROUGH THE EYES OF SCIENCE AND MATHEMATICS.

Important Dates and Fees

Full article submission *5 October 2020
Acceptance confirmation *15 October 2020
Corrected article submission *30 October 2020
Registration *31 October 2020
Payment *31 October 2020
Conference *1-2 December 2020


Presenter (SCOPUS proceeding/ *JST)
RM 700
Presenter (Scopus Journal)
RM 1100

*Journal of Science and Technology (JST) is published by UTHM.

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SCIEMATHIC 2020 is organized by

Faculty of Applied Sciences and Technology, UTHM